Dion Waiters advocating reunion between Heat, Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade
Courtesy of USA Today Images

Might a reunion between Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat be forthcoming? If Dion Waiters gets his way, it’s highly possible.

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald noted that Waiters “has spent the past several days implying his interest in a Wade reunion with the Heat, or retweeting those who have said it directly.”

Given that Wade’s current team — the Chicago Bulls — traded its best player (Jimmy Butler), it only stands to reason that Wade may want to play elsewhere as his career winds down. Given that Wade is the greatest Heat player of all-time, Miami would certainly be a sensible option.

There are, however a few obstacles.

One is that the Heat’s cap situation is not great. It would not be easy for them to work Wade’s $24 million contract in. It would not be easy to work a trade between the two teams.

So, Wade going to Miami would likely mean a buyout from the Bulls, which brings us to problem No. 2. Chicago, appears less than eager to do anything like that.

Nevertheless, it is a potential option. If nothing else, Wade knows that Waiters — the man who plays his position with the Heat — would welcome him with open arms.