Dez Bryant reportedly throwing punches at training camp

Dallas Cowboys multi-million dollar wide receiver has been known to get heated up from time to time during practice sessions and game days.

We’re only a couple of days into training camp and Bryant reportedly attempted to take a swing at cornerback Tyler Patmon. At first the two were verbally arguing on the sidelines when Bryant threw a punch at Patmon. Coaches and other teammates quickly broke the guys up before anything got out of hand.

After the scene, head coach Jason Garrett and quarterback Tony Romo talked to Bryant. Bryant then proceeded to go over to Patmon and give him a hug.

Once the pads go on, training camps rarely ever go completely smoothly without someone getting their feather ruffled amidst the contact. It is not surprising to hear that Bryant got riled up being the passionate competitor he is.

Thankfully, he was able to be reigned in before any major damage occurred.

Photo: USA Today Sports