Dez Bryant not concerned about Ezekiel Elliott

Ezekiel Elliott

As Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott awaits to hear whether he will be suspended, there’s been a big debate around the football world surrounding the young star. Following a latest incident in which Elliott was allegedly involved in a bar fight, some have come out to question his maturity. And while no charges will be filed in said case, it does show a troubling off-field pattern.

Remember, Elliott remains under investigation by the NFL following a domestic violence allegation. Again, there’s nothing to see there from a legal perspective. But this doesn’t mean Elliot has not put himself in the wrong situation at times.

In talking about his teammate, wide receiver Dez Bryant doesn’t seem to be too concerned.

“It’s just a steppingstone that he’s gonna get over. Zeke’s a young guy. I’m not blaming it on that. (But) freshman college to playing for America’s team, it’s kinda hard to deal with,” Bryant said, via ESPN. “You gotta give Zeke credit because he do deserve it, he do deserve to have fun. Because he put that work in to have fun. But, as the years pass, as he gets older, he’s gonna mature and things are gonna get a lot smoother.”

For the Cowboys’ sake, let’s hope this rings true. Then again, Bryant might not be the player to speak out on such a hot-button topic. His career had up until recently been filled with off-field issues itself. Many say Bryant was late to mature into his role as a team leader.

Dallas is coming off a 2016 season that saw it earn the NFC East title and the No. 1 seed in the conference. Elliott himself played a huge role in that, earning All Pro honors as a rookie. Should he miss times to suspension, it would surely impact the Cowboys in a negative manner.