Derek Carr: I cheated to beat Khalil Mack in one-on-one basketball game

Who would win a one-on-one basketball game between Oakland Raiders stars Derek Carr and Khalil Mack? The two played recently. And according to Carr, the QB came out on top.

“I beat him one-on-one,” Carr said in an interview with his brother, David. “I fouled the heck out of him and I cheated, but I won.”

To a degree, fouling makes sense. NBA teams will often foul their most physically impressive opponents. As a Los Angeles Lakers fan, Carr no doubt saw the Hack-a-Shaq plan executed many times.

On the other hand, a rough basketball game against someone as big and strong as Mack may not be the best idea.

Also, Carr obviously went to the Ric Flair school of not only cheating to win, but bragging about it.¬†We also have to wonder what Carr did to cheat. For Mack’s sake, we can only hope that he didn’t resort to some of Flair’s trademark tactics.