Democratic VP nominee wants return of the ‘Border War’

If there’s one thing that might energize the democratic base in middle America, it’s what vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine posted on Twitter just recently.

Kaine, a former Kansas resident and University of Missouri grad, would love to see the Kansas-Missouri college football rivalry renewed. In fact, Hillary Clinton’s running mate made a rather bold campaign promise on Tuesday.

Kansas and Missouri have not played one another since the latter bolted the Big 12 for the SEC back in 2012. That ended a 120-year rivalry that dated all the way back to 1891.

The two campuses, Lawrence (Kansas) and Columbia (Missouri) are separated by just 164 miles — about a two-hour drive.

While Kaine promises to broker a deal to reinstate the rivalry, it might be a hard sell. Kansas had no interest in keeping the rivalry going when Missouri bolted for a different conference.

Despite this, Kaine seems to have the support of one prominent local politician.

“When he’s the vice president he can finally melt the ice between the Jayhawks and Tigers and have them willing to play us again,” Missouri governor Jay Nixon told The Kansas City Star.

Kaine may very well be excited about the potential of brokering a deal should his ticket come out on top in November’s election. Though, something tells us he’ll have bigger fisher to fry should that come to fruition.

Then again, pushing for a border war to continue on the gridiron is better than … well, we will just leave it at that.