Why is DeMarcus Cousins wearing Rockets gear?

DeMarcus Cousins

The New Orleans Pelicans made a big trade for DeMarcus Cousins this season, but it appears they might have given up quite a bit just for a one-season-plus rental.

Why is this? See for yourself.



That’s Cousins wearing Houston Rockets shorts, for reasons that are at this point quite ambiguous.

However, we already knew, based on comments made by Cousins’ agent well before the trade, that he wasn’t keen on re-signing with any team that traded for him.

The Pelicans made the trade anyway.

Now, Cousins still has one year left on his current contract. He’s set to earn a spot over $18 million in 2017-18. But despite the fact he can make more money staying in New Orleans, it’s thought he might still hit free agency in 2018, rather than re-sign with the Pelicans.

The Rockets were speculated to potentially have interest in the big man before New Orleans landed him. So could Cousins be sending them a message that the interest is mutual? We’ll let you be the judge of that.