DeMarcus Cousins goes off on skeptics with profanity-laced tirade

Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins really doesn’t care what we think. He’s not going to hold back in attempt to appease the masses or the media. This has been Cousins’ MO since he joined the NBA back in 2011 and it isn’t going to change any time soon.

While Cousins’ often-controversial public comments and on-court antics have gotten him in to trouble in the past, his recent profanity-laced tirade shouldn’t necessarily be subject to criticism.

In attempting to help out young kids who grew up in the same less-than-stellar situation that he did, Cousins offered a bit of advice.

“I grew up in a rough area, went to an all-black school, public school,” the All-Star center told David Aldridge of “I hear some of these messages, see the kids and the messages that they’re always getting – you’re going to be in jail, you’re going to be dead, whatever the case may be.”

That seems rather low-key, right? It’s not until Cousins got into the crux of his point that he decided to go off the rails.

“I’m like, (bleep) them. Don’t let them tell you how your life’s going to be. I was one of those kids, telling me I ain’t gonna be (bleep). (Bleep) you, you know? You make yourself be whatever the hell you want to be, at the end of the day. Nobody can tell you what your destiny is. … To this day, there’s people telling me what I can’t do, or who I am as a person. (Bleep) you.”

We’ll let you decide for yourself what those bleeps represent.

What we do know is that Cousins himself has been working to help bridge the gap between authorities and citizens in downtrodden urban neighborhoods. His words may speak loud, but his actions definitely have much more impact.

According to the Q&A, Cousins has hosted two community meetings between police forces and the citizens — in his hometown of Mobile, AL, and his NBA city of Sacramento — to help bridge these differences. He’s also set up free basketball camps for at-risk children and has donated millions to charity since entering the Association.

While Cousins’ often standoffish comments might lead some to question his maturity, it’s readily apparent that he’s taking the necessary steps off the court to help his communities thrive. Focusing solely on the language he uses to make a point is too simple-minded.