DeAngelo Williams would play for Panthers in lieu of ‘that snake’ Dave Gettleman being fired

DeAngelo Williams recently revealed a list of teams he won’t play for in 2017, and the Carolina Panthers were on that list.

Now that Dave Gettleman has been fired, he’s amending his statement.

This is the strongest statement we’ve seen from a former player since the shocking news came out that Gettleman was getting the ax.

Josh Norman and Steve Smith Sr. both expressed their feelings in different ways, but Williams calling Gettleman a “snake” certainly tops the cake. Based on comments he made after being released by Gettleman, it’s hard to blame him.

Williams played for Carolina between 2006-14.

Not being kept by Carolina was good news for the Pittsburgh Steelers. In 2015, Williams rushed for 907 yards and 11 touchdowns as Le’Veon Bell missed some time.