Corey Coleman not indicted in felony assault case, brother charged

By Jesse Reed

Cleveland Browns receiver Corey Coleman won’t be indicted for felony assault in connection with a December 31 incident in which a man was seriously injured.

Coleman’s brother,┬áJonathan Coleman, and Jared Floyd have both been charged with one count of felonious assault, per News5 in Cleveland. Per the indictment, they “did knowingly cause serious physical harm to Adam Sapp,” the victim in the alleged attack.

The incident took place on New Year’s Eve just before 3 a.m., per the report. Sapp was reportedly involved in the altercation in an elevator with four unknown men as he attempted to get on.

A woman, Nina Holman, was with Sapp at the time. She alleges the Browns receiver was one of the men responsible for the attack. After the incident, Sapp was treated at a hospital for a “ruptured eardrum, bruises and scratches on his body.”

Coleman’s lawyer issued a statement strongly denying his client was in any way a participant.