Conor McGregor pinstripe suit featured unique message during press conference with Floyd Mayweather

Conor McGregor Floyd Mayweather Mayweather-McGregor

Conor McGregor was looking about as clean-cut as possible Tuesday during the press conference with Floyd Mayweather. Donning a very stylish pinstripe suit, he gave off a different vibe than his counterpart, who was wearing casual gear.

The two fighters were on their games when it came to talking smack. They both landed some haymakers, though we’re not sure who won this particular battle.

And as it is with all things in the style world, it comes down to details.

Speaking of details, check out the pinstripes on McGreggor’s suit. They offer a hidden message that may or may not be directed at Mayweather.

Note: if the kiddos are around, maybe don’t read the message out loud.

Well played, good sir. Well played, indeed.