Colts Owner: ‘Important footballs watched closely’ against Patriots in Week 6

By Rachel Wold

Already preparing for their next meeting which takes place in Week 6 of the 2015 NFL season, Indianapolis Colts’ owner Jim Irsay isn’t planning on letting any football funny business take place during that game. He issued this warning.

Irsay stated this of their upcoming matchup (via Ben Volin of the Boston Globe).

“The Patriot game will be a huge, huge, huge game, obviously.”

The Colts are of course the team who called out the Patriots for using footballs that were not inflated properly during the AFC conference game which promoted the Wells Report and the Deflategate scandal.

If Tom Brady’s appeal is denied, this game will coincidentally mark his official return after serving a four-game suspension for his possible role in knowing that the footballs had been tampered. On top of Brady’s suspension, the Patriots suffered a $1 million fine and had to surrender two draft picks including their first rounder for next year.

It is reported that Commissioner Roger Goodell said that the owners did not talk about a set of custody rules regarding the game balls, but he anticipates there will be changes in the chain of custody before the regular season kicks off.

Irsay’s statement that this game will be “huge” stands correct. It will be one of the biggest revenge matchups we will witness next season. And, all eyes will be on Brady and his footballs.

Photo: USA Today