College teammate of LaVar Ball on MJ talk: ‘It’s laughable’

Big Baller Brand, LaVar Ball

A college teammate of LaVar Ball said what any sane and reasonable person would say when asked about the outlandish statement Ball recently made regarding His Airness, Michael Jordan.

Brian Quinnett, a teammate of Ball’s during his lone season at Washington State (1987-88) was asked by TMZ Sports if his old teammate could, in fact, have taken MJ behind the woodshed.

It’s laughable,” he said. “The stats speak for themselves.”

We agree. So let’s let the stats speak for themselves, shall we?

Appearing in 26 games for the Cougars back in the day, Ball averaged 2.2 points and one rebound per game. It’s not quite the kind of production you’d expect from a guy who says would have beat Michael Jordan like a drum.

Quinnett, a person who actually did face Jordan at one point, can speak from experience about what it’s like facing a legend.

“He basically called for a clear out, took the ball and dunked on my head.”

Ball cannot speak from experience.

Ball also cannot possibly have said what he said about Jordan with a straight face, right? Well, based on the stuff he’s said about his sons, he probably actually believes he could have beaten Jordan.

At some point, Ball just needs to stop talking, for the sake of his sons and the rest of us out here who live in the real world.