Coalition hires top lawyers to ‘keep professional football in Oakland’

Oakland Raiders fans

While the NFL’s time in Oakland seems to be nearing its end, civic leaders within the city are not giving up so easy. Attorney James W. Quinn released a statement detailing an organized effort to keep professional football within the city.

One thing is important to note. While it’s stated that this is “in connection with the NFL’s decision to move the Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas,” even a successful bid wouldn’t necessarily keep the Raiders from moving. Rather, the effort is “to keep professional football in Oakland CA.”

That could be the Raiders. But it could also be an expansion team, or another team potentially moving to Oakland.

Aside from 1982-1994 when the Raiders played in Los Angeles, Oakland has had professional football ever since the franchise’s inception in 1960. Though, it is worth noting that the Raiders played in San Francisco’s Kezar Stadium in 1960 and Candlestick Park in 1961.

The Raiders are set to open in Las Vegas in 2020. While a delay was initially feared, there’s currently nothing on the horizon that would block the move from happening.