Clippers’ Blake Griffin suffers potentially serious knee injury

By Vincent Frank

We hate to speculate about the extent of an injury before anything concrete is released to the media, but the knee injury Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin suffered against the Los Angeles Lakers on Monday night does not look good.

As you can see above, teammate Austin Rivers rolled on to Griffin’s left knee, forcing it to bend in the most awkward of ways.

Griffin, who has had multiple surgeries on the left knee during his career, attempted to toughen it out. But after a few minutes, he headed to the Clippers’ locker room with a trainer and did not return to the court.

Clippers head coach Doc Rivers noted after the win that he does not know the extent of Griffin’s injury.

Though, Rivers also said that it didn’t look good.

Griffin, 28, signed a five-year, $173 million deal to remain with the Clippers this past summer. To some, his injury history made this a risky deal. Let’s hope that’s not the case.

We’ll have further updates when they become available.