Cleveland Browns waive Johnny Manziel

One of the rockiest unions in all of sports came to an end today, as the Cleveland Browns have waived quarterback Johnny Manziel.

This is not even remotely surprising. Manziel has had a terrible offseason and may end up facing domestic violence charges. Even if he manages to avoid legal trouble, he would appear to have a lot of work to do just to be sober and to get his life heading in the right direction.

His on field achievements (or lack thereof) are certainly secondary compared to his off-field problems, but need to be pointed out. Manziel has played only 14 games since getting drafted in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft, has completed 57 percent of his passes to go along seven touchdown passes, seven interception and seven fumbles.

At this point, it doesn’t seem any better than 50/50 that Manziel will ever play again. He’s got a host of off-field issues to scare teams away and hasn’t had much on field success to offset any of those doubts.

If he does play again, it’s hard to predict where that’d be, as he’d likely have to sign on as a backup and work his way back into a starting role.