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Christian Kirk pours fuel on Kyler Murray trade rumors

As if there weren’t enough quarterback trade rumors already, Kyler Murray added to the madness when he removed all references of the Arizona Cardinals from his social media profiles. Which, naturally makes him the next contestant to be traded.

Despite his struggles during the second half of the season, which carried into the playoffs, there would be plenty of suitors for the 2019 No. 1 overall pick if he were truly placed on the trade block.

While some are quick to dismiss the rumors for various reasons, whether you believe in the idea that Kliff Kingsbury and Murray are still tight from the latter’s days in college and even high school, it’s possible that relationship has begun to sour after their most recent struggles.

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Kyler Murray wants a trade? Christian Kirk believes it’s possible

However, one person who likely has better insight than the rest of us guessers is wide receiver Christian Kirk, who’s caught passes from Murray for the past three seasons with the Cardinals. Kirk is set to be an unrestricted free agent and he was asked about his future plans with the Cardinals. While the organization has refused to comment on the Murray situation, Kirk wasn’t hesitant to offer some tidbits.

Here are Kirk’s comments at the WM Phoenix Open from Tuesday:

“The guy is doing what he needs to do, and I have no control over that and yeah. That’s all I’ll say on that one,” Kirk said, via Jeff Vinton of 12 News. “If I’m not reacting to it, I don’t think anybody else should. But like I said, his decisions are his decisions, and I’ve been off of social media, but I hear the noise. So, I’m going to keep staying off of social media and just enjoy my offseason.”

Christian Kirk on Kyler Murray

No one really knows what Murray will do, but it appears one of his teammates at least believes there’s a chance K1 is done with the team. As we’ve seen with other quarterbacks, it may not mean jack if the team doesn’t want to part ways with their franchise quarterback.

For the record, Murray is under contract with the team through 2023 and is eligible for an extension this offseason. Of course, we’re all looking at the idea of him going to another team, but what about the idea he goes to another sport?

Murray hasn’t been shy about his love for baseball and he happens to have quite the knack for it as well. If he wanted to pursue an MLB career, just like in the NFL, several teams would like to have him. It should be noted, as the first player to be selected in the first round of the baseball and football draft, Murray’s MLB rights are owned by the Oakland Athletics.