Christian Hackenberg, playing catch, bounced pass to Bryce Petty from 10 yards away

Christian Hackenberg

The New York Jets have not shied away from letting the world know rookie Christian Hackenberg is nowhere near ready to start in games. Before Saturday’s game against the New England Patriots, the Penn State product did something that further proves this point.

Even Tim Tebow thinks that’s pretty bad, and he’s had his own struggles with short-range accuracy while playing catch.

The Jets traded up to draft Hackenberg in the second round of the 2016 NFL Draft, to the befuddlement of pretty much everyone who evaluated the 2016 draft class. Pegged by many as a guy who wasn’t good enough to be picked up until the latter rounds, if at all due to his accuracy problems, Hackenberg was a tremendous reach.

We wrote a column detailing why the poor guy was doomed, having been drafted by the Jets (read about that here), and the sword cuts both ways in this case.

Then in training camp, word came out that he was “brutally bad” when given chances, and nothing has changed to this point. Head coach Todd Bowles recently made it clear the Jets would have to be in some deep doo-doo for Hackenberg to make an appearance this year (more on that here).

There is already plenty of talk that New York is looking ahead at the quarterbacks coming out of this next draft class. Obviously Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t the answer, and the verdict is still out on Petty, who has been turnover prone.

At this point, it seems the verdict is already in on Hackenberg, though. He’s been on the shelf since training camp, and it doesn’t look like he’ll be taken off it any time soon.