Chicago strip club offering ‘free dances forever’ for Cubs if they win

Courtesy of Kamil Krzaczynski, USA Today Sports

It’s been more than a century since the Chicago Cubs have won the World Series. The changes in our society from that time until now are incredible, but one thing remains true — sex sells.

Perhaps this is why a famous Chicago strip club is offering “free dances forever” for Cubs players if they win the 2016 World Series against the Cleveland Indians.

“If the Cubs win the World Series, they will have free lap dances forever,” V Live owner Damon Cobb told TMZ Sports.

“This is a very exciting time for Chi-Town.”

So if the Cubs’ players are not concerned about the vast historical implications of bringing a championship back to the franchise, breaking the longest streak in the sport in the process, free lap dances should do the trick, right?

In reality, this is just a savvy way for Cobb to bring attention to his own business while perhaps also landing the perk of hosting some of Chicago’s most famous men on a potentially regular basis. Obviously that would bring even more business his way.

Win-win, right?