Chargers fan gifted toilet paper with Dean Spanos’ face on it

The bitterness that’s been shown in the wake of the Los Angeles Chargers moving from San Diego is by now well known. It’s a relocation that has seen the Chargers themselves mocked at pretty much every turn. In reality, it’s been a dumpster fire of a process for the new Los Angeles-based franchise.

In keeping up with this theme, one Chargers fan (maybe a former Chargers fan) was gifted a roll of toilet paper with the face of owner Dean Spanos on each square.

Chargers fan, Todd Fellars, confirmed that he received this spectacular gift from his brother.

That’s just tremendous.

While the Chargers themselves have been busy preparing to play football in a new city, debate continue to rage about the circumstances surrounding the team’s relocation from San Diego. Surely there are different opinions here.

There are also some hurt feelings. At the very least, we can hope that Todd himself can take comfort in flushing a little bit of Dean Spanos down the toilet.