Celtics’ Terry Rozier continues to savagely troll Eric Bledsoe

One might think that Boston Celtics guard Terry Rozier would move on from his Round 1 spat with Milwaukee Bucks star Eric Bledsoe. After all, Boston now holds a 2-0 series lead over Philadelphia in the Eastern Conference Semifinals while Bledsoe and his Bucks are back home for the spring.

Call it petty or something completely different, but it’s readily apparent that Rozier is not over that rivalry.

Fresh off a 20-point performance against the Sixers in Game 2 on Thursday evening, Rozier is out here wearing a Scary Terry t-shirt with with Drew Bledsoe’s likeness on it.

Yeah, it’s all sorts of brilliant.

This comes after Rozier was seen wearing a Drew Bledsoe Patriots jersey prior to Game 1 against the Sixers. It was his way of saying there’s only one relevant Bledsoe in Boston.

Some might take issue with Rozier’s attitude recently, but he’s certainly backed it up on the court. The former first-round pick has put up three consecutive 20-plus point performances and is averaging 19.1 points to go with 44 percent shooting from distance thus far in the playoffs.