CBS getting drilled for tasteless Alex Smith injury pun

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

As the Washington Redskins prepare to take on the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving, starting quarterback Alex Smith will not be on the field. Smith suffered a broken leg last week against the Houston Texans and is out for the remainder of the season.

Smith’s injury is one of the most devastating in recent history and brought back memories of the injury former Redskins star Joe Theismann suffered more than 30 years before.

Attempting to get into the Thanksgiving spirit prior to their broadcast of the Bears and Lions on Thursday, CBS went with a horrible pun relating to Smith’s injury.

“Broke his drumstick last week.”

Leg. Turkey. Drumstick. Get it?

Yeah, that’s not anywhere near funny. We’re not sure who thought this was a great idea to air.

And those who caught the segment couldn’t have agreed more.