LOOK: Catholic priest in Philly wears underdog mask while leading mass

Jesse Reed

In case you needed any more evidence that the city of Philadelphia is thoroughly enveloped in underdog madness, just take a look at this. A Catholic priest in Philadelphia was spotted leading mass while wearing one of the famed underdog masks Lane Johnson and Chris Long busted out after last weekend’s big win over Atlanta.


The man who tweeted the picture, Kevin Acker, confirmed that this was real and that his parents were the ones who took the picture during mass.

This is all kinds of awesome. And there’s plenty more.

As a way to do some good while continuing to promote the underdog theme — Philly is indeed a home dog again this Sunday against Minnesota — Johnson has been selling “Home Dog” t-shirts online and is donating all proceeds to Philadelphia-area schools.

The Eagles have encouraged their fans to wear the masks to Sunday’s NFC Championship Game. And based on the fact that they bought out Amazon’s stock of these suckers, we’re betting Lincoln Financial Field is going to be full of fans wearing these masks on Sunday evening.