Carolina Panthers’ receiver Keith Kirkwood leaves in ambulance after head injury at training camp

Carolina Panthers wide receiver Keith Kirkwood left the practice field in an ambulance after suffering a head injury during a drill at training camp on Tuesday.

Carolina’s offense and defense were facing off in a live drill early during Tuesday’s practice when a pass came in Kirkwood’s direction and he went up for a leaping grab. As he came down, defensive back J.T. Ibe drilled him near the head. The 6-foot-3 wide receiver immediately crashed to the ground.

According to Steve Reed of the Associated Press, Panthers’ coaches immediately kicked Ibe out of practice for the blow to Kirkwood’s head. This was Carolina’s first padded practice since training camp began last week.

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Kirkwood, who missed a majority of the 2020 season with shoulder injuries, laid on the ground for 10 minutes with medical staff at his side. An ambulance was brought out and Kirkwood’s neck was immobilized and then medics loaded him onto a stretcher before taking him to a local hospital.

After an extended stoppage, the Panthers resumed practice. The team will provide an update on Kirkwood’s status later today.

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, Ibe has been waived after his hit on Kirkwood.

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