Carmelo Anthony: I’m too strong, don’t know how to flop

By David Kenyon

Carmelo Anthony is regularly ranked among the league’s best in scoring, but the New York Knicks star feels he should receive more trips to the free-throw line.

According to Marc Berman of the New York Post, Anthony said officials say he’s the most difficult player to referee in the NBA, adding he doesn’t get calls because he doesn’t know how to flop.

“See, I don’t know how to flop, that’s the thing. Nowadays guys know how to flop, get hit and put their head back. I don’t know how to flop. I won’t even look right trying to do that. I won’t even feel right trying it.”

But that’s not all. Anthony blamed his stature for not getting many calls.

“A lot of times I get hit and I still continue to get to my spots just because I’m big and strong. A lot of guys get hit and they stop. I’m not saying they’re flopping, but they’re lighter than me. I can take a lot more physicality.”

Per, referees have whistled Anthony’s defenders for the 23rd-most fouls in the league. However, just 22.8 percent of his 21.5-point average comes from the free-throw line, where Melo is shooting 86.6 percent.

Anthony’s claim absolutely carry some merit, but he’s also part of the problem.

Instead of reaching “his spot” and attacking, Anthony often tries to head-fake his way into an easier layup. While that’s a fine strategy, it also makes referees more reluctant to whistle a foul when Anthony initiates the contact instead of simply drawing a defender into his body.

By calling attention to the perceived problem, maybe Anthony will receive a few more fouls. It might not work, but it’s worth a shot — and perhaps two free throws.