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Carlos Rodon has a ‘preferred MLB free agency destination’ with several teams in the mix

We’ve seen several major dominoes fall in MLB free agency. But several impact players remain on the market, including Carlos Rodon, the best free agent pitcher yet to sign.

It’s not for a lack of interest in the two-time All-Star. Rodon’s been linked to several teams, such as the Giants, Yankees, Twins, and lately, the Cardinals. While some of these franchises may not be like the others, as far as their typical spending limits, there is a real belief each of the organizations are seen as legitimate landing spots for the 30-year-old lefty.

While Rodon’s surely enjoying having multiple teams chase after him, offering him the world, there is only one place that is currently viewed as his “preferred destination.”

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New York Yankees expected to make Carlos Rodon a contract offer

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As Brendan Kuty’s sources have reported, the Yankees are the team Rodon views as an ideal situation. Yet, he also notes, the Twins and the Cardinals are still in hot pursuit of the frontline starter.

Maybe Rodon wants to join Aaron Judge, maybe he likes their World Series odds, or maybe he just wants a bankload of cash.

If the Yankees really are Rodon’s preferred landing spot, he may have to wait a few more days to sign on the dotted line.

Jon Heyman reported on Monday night that the Yankees are planning to make their contract offer to Rodon either on Monday the 19th or on Tuesday, the 20th.

Chances are, Rodon and his agent have already preliminarily negotiated with the Yankees and the other teams vying for his services. Maybe that’s the delay, as they wait for a better offer to emerge, only for the Yankees to likely pony up a bit more cash.

Yet, then again, the Yankees have also reportedly been reluctant to go to the length Rodon is seeking, which is said to be in the range of seven years.

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