Canadian Hockey Fans Finish ‘Star Spangled Banner’ After Singer’s Mic Malfunctions

Want some good news in a sports world that seems to be filled with bad news? Prior to the Nashville Predators game against against the Toronto Maple Leafs in Canada on Tuesday, singer Michelle Madeira saw her mic cut out in the middle of the American national anthem.

Instead of waiting there in awkward silence, fans in Toronto (almost all Canadian) picked up where Madeira left off.

We may be mortal enemies with our friends up north on the ice, but that’s pretty much where it ends. As you can see in the video above, Canadians are a darn good people with a ton of respect for the United States.

You can’t possibly tell me that you didn’t get chills listening to them do a bang-up job finishing up the Star Spangled Banner. 

As Huffington Post put it…

It’s a heartwarming cross-border exchange that’s been occurring more and more recently, most notably following the Parliament Hill shooting, when the Pittsburgh Penguins (who were playing against fellow American team Philadelphia Flyers) opted to play the Canadian national anthem in tribute.

Don’t mess with Canada and the United States. We may have our family squabbles at times, but our friendship stands above the rest.

Amazing stuff here.