Cam Newton’s dad addresses the recent violence in the U.S.

By Rachel Wold
Courtesy of Kyle Terada, USA Today Sports

You would literally have to have been living on another planet over the past few weeks to not be aware of the slew of gruesome and violent attacks that have gone on in the United States as well as some countries around the world.

Speaking out on violence as it pertains to cooperating with law enforcement, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton’s father, Cecil Newton, Sr., shared his opinion on a few topics.

Newton emphasized that the citizens and the police all need to find a “common ground” to work things out. In particular he spoke on athletes’ behavior.

“We need to start orientating athletes to be obedient to laws and people of authority and not take things for granted so much so, per ESPN.”

Newton volunteered that he would reach out to whoever he “can impact.” He also stressed his support for local law enforcement.

“The police officers put their lives on the line everyday I support law enforcement on every front.”

On the other hand, Newton said that if an unarmed person finds himself faced against law enforcement, that person should not feel so threatened that they “leave the scene.”

Indeed, it is a disturbing world for which we currently live. It is at least commendable that Newton is offering his guidance to anyone who might seek his advice.