Cam Newton gives touchdown ball to boy who recently lost his father

By Rachel Wold

In attendance at Bank of America Stadium for Sunday’s game between the Carolina Panthers and Green Bay Packers was six year old Colin Toler, who recently lost his father to a medical condition.

Little Colin was supposed to have attended a Panthers game with his father sometime this season. But due to his unexpected death, friends of the family bought front row tickets for him and both of his grandfathers to attend Sunday’s game. It was Colin’s very first live NFL experience.

“I was like I didn’t even know what to think, Colin said, via”

Colin saw Cam Newton coming his way after he scored a one-yard touchdown in the second quarter.

“I was like oh gosh, oh gosh,” Toler said. “Am I going to be on the big screen or am I going to be on TV? I was jumping up and down like yeah!”

Of course Newton knew nothing of the story as to why Colin was at the game. He was simply rewarding an excited little boy wearing a Panthers jersey his touchdown football, which made Colin’s day. Afterwards, Colin said that people behind him wanted pictures with him and the crowd on each side was giving him high-fives.

After getting to know people around them in the stands, and sharing their family’s back story, it was noted by Colin’s family how complete strangers went beyond the call of duty to make his day special.

Colin is excited to attend his next game.