Cam Newton Doesn’t Want a Colin Kaepernick-Type Contract

Carolina Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton is in the last year of his rookie deal. And speaking of deals, San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick just inked his new contract extension. However, reports are surfacing that Newton doesn’t want a pay as you go type of contract like Kaepernick just signed.

Kaepernick’s six-year contract extension, with just $13 million in guaranteed money, basically allows the 49ers to evaluate him year-to-year.

This type of contract, with less guaranteed money, reported by NFL Media Insider, Ian Rapoport, via NFL.com..

Really scares people who know Cam Newton very well.

There is a fear in Newton’s circle that Kaepernick’s deal is a sign of things to come in how teams do business with franchise quarterbacks.

According to Rapoport, Newton is looking for a contract which provides more guaranteed money and a higher salary per year than Kaepernick signed. Official contract discussions between Newton and the Panthers have not started, as Newton’s camp is waiting for the Panthers to initiate the conversation.

It looks like news of Newton’s preference of not signing a Kaepernick-type of contract, is already not settling well with some folks.

Photo: Huffington Post