Top NFL Draft expert on Bryce Young: ‘If I’m a GM, I’m scared to death of drafting him’

Bryce Young is seen by many as one of the most talented players entering the 2023 NFL Draft, however, as the event gets closer the questions about his ability to stay healthy at the professional level continue to intensify.

Compared to last year, the 2023 NFL Draft class for quarterbacks is fantastic. There are as many as four prospects with serious chances of being selected in the first 15 picks. However, two specific players are viewed as the creme of this year’s signal-caller crop: CJ Stroud and Bryce Young. Both had phenomenal collegiate careers and their teams were among the elites in the sport in 2022.

However, beyond their unique talents, there is a major difference between Stroud and Young. Stroud is a slim player that can easily build a prototypical NFL QB frame with some dedicated time in the weight room. Young is nearly the opposite, with estimates claiming he is barely over 5-foot-10 inches tall and weighs less than 200 pounds. That is problematic when trying to combat the size and physicality of the NFL.

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On Monday, Sports Illustrated NFL insider Albert Breer reported on the Bryce Young-size situation heading into the April event, and two NFL executives made it very clear that size was hindering the Alabama Crimson Tide star from being an easy pick at No. 1.

“If he was as big as Justin Fields, there’d be no discussion. Chicago would take him and move on from Justin,” one NFC executive claimed.

“You don’t even have to quote anybody on that. That’s exactly what it is. The size is just a major deal,” an executive from the AFC added.

Top NFL Draft expert claims Bryce Young’s size is worth being terrified about

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Adding to that worrisome narrative about the 2021 Heisman Trophy winner was elite NFL Draft expert Todd McShay. The ESPN analyst has spoken with Young in person and lauds his impressive abilities as a quarterback. Even comparing him to a smaller version of 2022 NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes.

However, even he could not deny that Bryce Young’s size should be a major concern for any general manager considering drafting him.

“He’s special. He’s different. He has the poise, the presence in the pocket, the playmaking, and everything else you want. I absolutely love Bryce Young. I would bet on him. … [But] if I’m a GM, I’m scared to death of drafting him.”

Bryce Young is not expected to work out for scouts at this week’s NFL Combine and will instead have a pro day ahead of the NFL Draft in Alabama.

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