Bryce Petty says ‘Madden’ comment being taken out of context

Courtesy of USA Today Images

Bryce Petty is making headlines a day after he made comments about his development from his rookie year to Year 2 with the New York Jets. Petty said he was “excited” about having the ability to recognize defensive fronts on Madden and that he didn’t need to “just pick run plays anymore.”

Well, after the story had a chance to run through the news cycle overnight, it was being blasted throughout the nation on talk shows. The guys on ESPN’s NFL Live couldn’t stop laughing about it, and quite honestly neither could we.

As the story started making its rounds, Petty no doubt heard about it on the radio or saw it on television. He probably wasn’t amused but did manage to keep his response light.

This isn’t the first time an offhand remark by Petty has thrust him into the national spotlight, either. He made headlines last year when his ignorance of New York pizza created a minor firestorm on social media.

Petty, a Texas boy, was touting the gloriousness of being able to order Dominos pizza by texting a pizza emoji when he was hit up by New Yorkers who wanted to help him out. It was rather hilarious, just like what we’re seeing now with the “Madden” story.

Likely, things are quite as bad for Petty on the practice field as his comment about recognizing fronts and calling running plays anymore. Still, it sure seems like there’s a possibility he hasn’t progressed very well after the team traded up to land him in the fourth round of the 2015 NFL Draft. What, with the Jets drafting Christian Hackenberg in Round 2 and everything.