Bryce Harper’s neck injury hasn’t improved, DL stint possible

Bryce Harper is one of the most annoying MLB players today

Washington Nationals star Bryce Harper hasn’t played since suffering a neck injury on Saturday. Manager Dusty Baker said on Wednesday that the injury has not progressed.


There’s some good news to be read there. The injury didn’t appear to be that serious when it happened. So, if it really is “the same,” there’s not much of a chance that it will become a serious, lingering problem.

Unfortunately, injuries could progress in time. This is especially true in a case where the injured player is resting. While it’s only been a few days, an injury that’s failing to heal isn’t exactly a good sign. Certainly, the longer that Harper remains out of action, the more likely a stint on the disabled list becomes.

The true good news for the Nationals is that a DL stint would not be terribly problematic. Washington entered Wednesday’s action with a 6.5-game lead on the Miami Marlins in the National League East.

So while a DL stint for a star is never a good thing, the Nats can certainly afford to be cautious. If Harper’s injury doesn’t significantly progress within a few days, expect something like that to happen.

Harper has hit 20 home runs this year while slashing at .233/.374/.438.