Report: Phillies think they have ‘remote’ chance of signing Bryce Harper

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Phillies reportedly are starting to get the feeling that Bryce Harper is slipping out of their fingertips.

Steve Phillips of MLB Network Radio, who recently interviewed Phillies general manager Matt Klentak, reported Wednesday that the Phillies “believe their chances of landing Bryce Harper are remote.”

He then wrote that “the obvious question is whether they would pivot to Keuchel and/or Kimbrel. My sense from our interview with Matt Klentak is that they won’t play on Keuchel and only maybe on Kimbrel.”

Just a day ago, it was reported that the Phillies were “concerned” that the San Francisco Giants would end up signing Harper. Then news broke on Wednesday that the Giants actually had a second meeting with the 26-year-old star on Tuesday in Las Vegas.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are also in the mix here, but most reports indicate they aren’t willing to offer Harper the 10-year deal he’s seeking.

Right now, it seems like the Giants are in the driver’s seat. Harper is said to want to play close to home in Las Vegas. Oracle Park offers quite the sweet left-field porch for a power hitter like him. If the Giants really want him, it sounds like all they have to do is make him an offer he can’t refuse.