Bruce Arians wouldn’t be surprised if Nick Saban returned to the NFL

By Vincent Frank

This year is already weird, people. And it could get a lot weirder moving forward. Recently retired former Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians is now on the other side of the podium. He’s likely ready to start a career in the media after a largely successful career in the NFL.

Now, in one of his first hot takes after retiring from the game, Arians is out here ramping up speculation that Alabama head coach Nick Saban might be looking to return to the NFL.

That’s a whole lot of conjecture in one statement. And really, Arians likely has no inside knowledge here.

But fresh off earning his fifth National Championship with the Crimson Tide, what else does Saban have to prove at the college level? He’s already one of the most successful coaches in the history of amateur athletics.

Where Saban did struggle was as the Miami Dolphins head coach in 2005 and 2006, posting a combined 15-17 record. That could be the final thing the 66-year-old Saban looks to add to his legacy.

Then again, here’s a dude that’s earning north of $11 million annually and continues to remain the toast of Alabama. Why give that up for the NFL?