Bruce Arians had to have stomach pumped (twice!) as kid for chugging paint

Bruce Arians is one of the most interesting men in the NFL. That’s a fact. The Arizona Cardinals head coach has a unique flavor that cannot be replicated.

Perhaps now we have a bit more of an understanding why this is true. Speaking on SiriusXM NFL Radio Wednedsay, the coach revealed some rather disturbing news about his childhood.


So many questions.

What color was the paint?

Paint had lead in it back then. How is he even alive?

Who gave Bruce Arians the bright idea that paint would make you harder to tackle?

After the first time he got his stomach pumped, what compelled him to try it again?

We’re just kind of in awe of this story. It only adds to the mystique that is Bruce Arians, who had offseason surgery to repair a cancerous spot on his kidney. He’s one of the true treasures of the game today, because of this story, his ever-present candor and many other reasons.