Browns rookie Myles Garrett: ‘I can’t be a savior’

Myles Garrett

After selecting former Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett No. 1 overall in last month’s draft, the Cleveland Browns are expecting big things from the young pass rusher.

Garrett joins a talent-stricken roster that helped Cleveland to a disastrous one-win 2016 campaign. He does so as the new face of a franchise that still doesn’t have a viable long-term quarterback under center and is missing key star power to market in Ohio.

Needless to say, the weight of all this is clearly on Garrett’s back as he prepares for his first offseason in the NFL.

Though, it seems Garrett himself is more focused on tempering expectations out of the gate.

“One person can’t win games.┬áIt takes a culmination of all these guys coming together and just having the attitude that we’re not going to lose,” Garrett said, via NFL.com. “And that’s what we’re going to do. I can’t be a savior.”

It surely is a realistic approach to take. The first important thing to note here is that Garrett doesn’t play quarterback. Outside of a select few players at other positions, that limits an individual’s value in today’s NFL.

Secondly, the Browns weren’t one dominant pass rusher away from contending for a playoff spot last season. They came very close to becoming just the second team in NFL history to go winless throughout a 16-game regular season. Even if Garrett were to break the single-season sack record as a rookie, it likely wouldn’t lead the Browns to contention.

In no way does this mean Garrett doesn’t think he can make a strong impact out of the gate.

“But I can be the best I can be,” Garrett continued. ” I can give it my all and make plays and dominate my side of the field, but it takes all 11 guys with a certain thought process that we’re going to go out there and we’re going to win.”

It will be fun to watch Garrett as a rookie in Cleveland. There’s very little reason to believe the Browns won’t let him loose. He’s a dominant defender and should show that right away. At the very least, he brings excitement to the long downtrodden franchise.