Browns’ OC Says Neither Brian Hoyer or Johnny Manziel is Ahead

Cleveland Browns’ offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan’s job of determining whether Brian Hoyer or Johnny Manziel is ahead in the team’s quarterback competition isn’t going too easily.

Shanahan had this to report on the Browns’ quarterback status via NFL.com.

I hope they make it easy for us. Johnny’s continued to progress.

He also said it’s “going to take time” to decide between the veteran with only four starts and their young rookie.

According to coach Mike Pettine, it was hinted that Manziel would find a way to be on the field in a similar manner as Colin Kaepernick did early in his career. Shanahan confirmed this by telling reporters that even though Hoyer may start in Week 1, they’ll have Manziel prepared to be ready “right away.”

Photo: CBS Sports