Broncos rookie first-round pick already giving back to young fans

Denver Broncos rookie tackle Garett Bolles absolutely has a heart made out of gold.

In the midst of busy practices and workouts, Bolles took some personal time to FaceTime a teen in need of some words of encouragement.

Bolles also spent some time after practice with a young child battling cancer.

Bolles was selected by the Broncos 20th overall and will be the team’s starting left tackle this fall. He would certainly know about perseverance and the faith that it takes to survive what obstacles life throws in your path.

In fact, this is a caption from Bolles’ bio on his Twitter account.

“When your faith in God is strong you laugh at anyone who tries to stop His plans for you.”

Many remember Bolles’ stroll down the red carpet at the 2017 NFL Draft. His wife and adorable baby boy that stole the show accompanied him down the path.

It is so cool that Bolles easily set football aside to spend his time with younger folks in definite need of some kind words and encouragement.

We wish Bolles success in his first NFL season.