Broncos player: Trevor Siemian better leader than Paxton Lynch

Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch are embroiled in one of the best quarterback competitions in the NFL this summer, but who has the edge?

Throughout the offseason, head coach Vance Joseph has maintained both players have an even chance of winning this competition. Word coming out of offseason practices before training camp is that Lynch as been showing some spectacular things but that Siemian is still more consistent.

Now we have something else to throw into the pot that could tip the balance in favor of Siemian starting over Lynch for the second year in a row.

Matt Miller of Bleacher Report asked one Broncos player, who asked to remain anonymous, what he saw.

“Paxton has the better deep ball [over Siemian], but he has to become a leader and get smarter. Trevor has that over him right now.”

This comment falls in line with whispers that have come out recently that Lynch’s work ethic isn’t as strong as what Siemian brings to the table.

Another person Miller spoke to, an NFL general manager, said the biggest issue facing Lynch is “learning to play faster. He has such a slow trigger and he’s already this big, tall, long-armed guy. I don’t think he’ll ever be quick enough as a thrower to win in our league.”

In terms of raw talent — the ability to escape pressure and sling the ball all over the yard — there is no doubt Lynch is miles ahead of Siemian. But as we see every single year in the NFL, talent alone isn’t what drives NFL offenses. It takes a lot of tools for quarterbacks to have consistent success.

The jury is still out about whether Lynch is capable of doing all the little things it takes to be “the guy” for the Broncos in 2017 and beyond.