Broncos G Sam Brenner cleared from concussion protocol … five months later

Denver Broncos backup offensive lineman Sam Brenner, a former starter, was cleared from concussion protocol — Five months after he suffered his concussion.

“I didn’t feel like myself for about three months or so, really,’’ Brenner said as he was cleaning out articles – shirts, shorts and cleats – from his locker. “I was dealing with migraines for a long time but for the past two weeks I haven’t had any symptoms. No more migraines or fogginess or confusion. It’s been a long time but I’ve definitely turned the corner.’’

It’s a disconcerting thought that it took five months for Brenner to finally get cleared.

With mental health becoming a major concern in the eyes of many across the country, the worry here is that Brenner may never be the same again. He even said himself said he didn’t feel like his old self for months.

With the rise of CTE as a big-time concern for football players, and for athletes in other contact sports, one wonder if it’s even wise for Brenner to ever play again. It’s a valid concern that he could be setting himself up for serious mental health issues in the future if he continues to get hit play after play in the trenches.

That being said, he was cleared by a panel of doctors. If he chooses to return to the sport he loves it will be by his decision with the full backing of the team’s medical staff.