Brian Hoyer shades Browns in lead up to Super Bowl

New England Patriots quarterback Brian Hoyer will be active for Sunday’s Super Bowl against the Philadelphia Eagles. Whether he plays is a completely different question.

One team we know isn’t playing Sunday is Hoyer’s former Cleveland Browns squad. For some reason, Hoyer took time out of his day on Thursday to shade that organization in a big way.

In talking about Cleveland’s decision to bench him in favor of Johnny Manziel late in the 2014 season, Hoyer was asked if he believes the Browns betrayed him. His response was as clear as day.

“That’s obviously what happened,” Hoyer said, via ESPN. “They’ve only won three games since then. So I think that explains everything. Is it three or four? Four.”

The Browns were 7-6 at the time they decided to move on from Hoyer, fully in thick of the AFC Playoff race.

To answer Hoyer’s question, four games. They’ve won a grand total of four games since they benched you. We’re here to run the stats for you, kind sir.

When told about the fact that he’s the only Browns quarterback of the past 19 years to have a winning record, Hoyer said “that might last for a while” with a wide grin on his face.

Hoyer rejoined his original Patriots team after the San Francisco 49ers acquired Jimmy Garoppolo from New England back in October. He had posted a 0-6 record in San Francisco prior to ultimately being benched in favor of C.J. Beathard.

Now in a more comfortable role as Tom Brady’s backup with the defending champs, it appears that Hoyer is more than willing to set those who he believes did him wrong in the past on fire.

Good on him.