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Brian Flores ready to share evidence proving Stephen Ross asked him to tank Miami Dolphins’ season

New Pittsburgh Steelers linebackers coach/senior defensive assistant Brian Flores has gotten another job within the NFL after some speculated his pending class-action lawsuit against the league would prevent him from landing such a gig. Clearly, the Steelers felt otherwise, seeing the value in hiring a coach with so much experience and expertise.

Some questioned whether Flores getting hired somewhere would lead him to drop his lawsuit, but that wouldn’t make any sense. Flores still didn’t seem to receive much respect in this hiring cycle. It was a strange occurrence since after he was fired from the Miami Dolphins, many agreed Flores was a top candidate to immediately land elsewhere as an NFL head coach.

Nine head coach hirings later, Flores didn’t have a job. Not even a defensive coordinator position. It appeared the NFL was ready to display the same alleged collusion exhibited years ago when they blackballed Colin Kaepernick out of the league.

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Then, coach Flores placed a phone call to Steelers coach Mike Tomlin and everything changed.

Flores landed a role with a respected organization that couldn’t care less what your ethnicity, background, or color of skin reflects. He landed a gig based on his NFL experience, which is all he could ask for. We could debate about whether the Steelers’ LB gig is appropriate for someone with the accolades of Flores, but it’s better than sitting on the couch.

What’s happening with the Brian Flores lawsuit against Stephen Ross?

In an unreleased interview on HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, the attorney of Brian Flores, Doug Wigdor revealed he has evidence against Stephen Ross, and they’re prepared to share it with the NFL, or anyone else who’s in a position to act upon the information.

“We definitely would share it with them,” Wigdor said, according to a transcript provided by HBO.

Doug Wigdor, attorney of Brian Flores (H/t to Pro Football Talk)

Meanwhile, the NFL has already noted that they plan to fully investigate the claims of tanking made by Flores. Which, if found guilty, could just be the shoe that kicks Stephen Ross out of the league’s ownership group for good.

The interview that’s been mentioned can be viewed for the first time on Tuesday at 10 PM EST on HBO.

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