Brian Billick calls Kirk Cousins ‘definition of a backup’

The Vikings signing Kirk Cousins will go down as one of the worst deals in NFL Free agency this year

Former Baltimore Ravens head coach and current NFL Network Analyst Brian Billick is apparently not a believer in Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins.

“He’s a touchdown-for-interception guy, that’s the definition of a backup,” Billick said per Conor Orr of NFL.com. “You need to make a quarterback that can make plays outside of the design of the offense … Kirk Cousins is just a good solid guy and unfortunately for Washington, they’re going to need a lot more.”

Considering Cousins’ spotty performances this season, there is some validity to Billick’s observation. Cousins has four games this year in which he has thrown more interceptions than touchdowns. Although, there are some standout performances such as in Week 7 and 10 when Cousins threw three or more touchdowns without an interception.

Either way, head coach Jay Gruden seems to be sold on the team’s 2012 fourth-round draft pick and original backup, versus its first-round pick of that year, Robert Griffin III.

Though for Week 12, Cousins is putting on a more of a stud versus dud performance having passed for well over 200 yards with one touchdown and zero interceptions deep into the third quarter of the game.

And, with Washington having shut out the New York Giants thus far in Sunday’s game, Cousins will likely be running around shouting “you like that!?” coming off of one of his better outings.

The team’s eventual standing in the weak NFC East — still completely up for grabs — will likely determine if Cousins is the starting quarterback for next season or if he’s back on the bench, where Billick believes he should be.