Brandon Marshall to testify for Senate on mental health issues

By Michael Dixon

While most of the NFL world is focused on the draft on Thursday, one of its players will be in Washington D.C. with his attention on something else entirely.

New York Jets receiver Brandon Marshall will be testifying in front of the United States Senate on mental health issues, which is something he’s very excited to do.

A statement on the hearing was released by Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-Utah):

“Across the nation families struggle with mental health illnesses that often times rob them of parents, siblings, children and friends. To combat these serious issues, Congress should explore ways to provide care in the interest of both patients and providers. This hearing will give members the opportunity to learn how the state and federal levels utilize the tools within the American health care system to address mental health issues.”

Marshall is a not only a prominent spokesman for this cause, but he’s been a very willing one in recent years.

In July of 2011, he went public with his Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis and has since spoken very openly on the matter. Included in that was a fine from shoes worn in a 2013 game that was donated to the cause of Mental Health Awareness.

Bringing his personal experiences to those in the Senate committee should help shed more light on the long forgot about issue.