Brandon Marshall Goes After ESPN

Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall was once considered what was wrong about the National Football League. During his days with the Denver Broncos, the Pro Bowl receiver had multiple issues with the team and was viewed as a cancer within the organization. 

Marshall had also been accused of domestic violence earlier in his NFL playing career. The now model citizen was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder back in 2011 and has been an advocate for mental health awareness ever since.

Unfortunately, ESPN apparently misled Marshall into believing that a recent interview with him would focus less on his past as someone that was accused of domestic violence and more on other aspects of his life and playing career.

At least that’s the way Marshall read it.

Here is the promo that ESPN ran prior to airing E:60.

If Marshall is right and ESPN misled him during the entire interview process, there simply isn’t any room for that in the media world. Our goal should be to report the stories and gain/keep the trust of those featured in said stories. Without that, we lose the trust of both the subjects and those in the public that are relying on us to acquire information.

The timing of this episode is also pretty interesting, especially considering that the NFL has been in the news regarding domestic violence due to the whole Ray Rice scandal.

I sure hope that ESPN didn’t intentionally mislead Marshall into giving an interview based on something he had no prior knowledge of. If that’s the case, the station should be embarrassed.

Photo: USA Today