Boxer throws table at rival during press conference

If we Americans thought the trash-talking that happens prior to boxing matches here in the states were pretty insane, we legitimately have nothing on the Brits.

In a press conference prior to their upcoming fight, British boxers Dereck Chisora and Dillian Whyte got into a verbal jab match that rivals anything we’ve seen from professionals here in the United States.

The talking went on for a good couple minutes before Chisora up and threw one of the tables Whyte’s way.

It was tremendous.

“Me and Dereck both know (what would happen) if we were left in a room with no security,” Whyte said earlier, via Sky Sports . “When I stepped to him and threw punches, he was scared.”

The promoter for the event later indicated on social media that weigh-ins would take place separately on Friday.

If these two guys can’t get through a basic press conference without tables being tossed, we’re pretty sure the upcoming fight is going to be full of awesomeness.