Blue Jays announce beer will be served in cups for rest of playoffs

By Jesse Reed

The Toronto Blue Jays made a smart decision in the wake of Baltimore Orioles outfielder Hyun-soo Kim nearly being hit with a can of beer last week. Beer will no longer be served in cans or bottles. Instead, the team announced a move to serve beer in cups for the remainder of the playoffs.

This is a sensible reaction to what could have been a very unfortunate injury to an opposing player. It follows a strongly worded statement by the team that condemned the beer toss.

The man responsible for the thrown can of beer, Ken Pagan, also happened to be a copy editor for Postmedia. He has been charged with “mischief” in the wake of his ill-conceived idea to stop a play from being made by Kim.

At least now, if anyone has designs on getting into some “mischief” in games going forwards, all the players will deal with is a sticky mess.