Blazers’ Carmelo Anthony on coming off the bench: ‘Who me?’

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

New Portland Trail Blazers forward Carmelo Anthony was in great spirits ahead of his team’s debut with the team on Tuesday.

What ended up being a whirlwind day for the 10-time All-Star now includes him starting his first game as a member of the Blazers.

When asked about that and the possibility of coming off the bench, Melo had the perfect Melo response. “Who me?”

Anthony is not having any of that bench thing. He honestly never has. Here’s a dude that’s started in all but eight of the 1,064 games he’s appeared in during a Hall of Fame-worthy career.

All eight of those bench appearances came as a member of the Houston Rockets last season. Let’s see how that went for a quick second.

As it is, the signing of Anthony is a last-ditch effort for the struggling Blazers to make something out of what already seems to be a lost season.

That starts Tuesday night against the Pelicans in New Orleans.