Daytona’s Blake Butler played all nine positions in season finale

By Michael Dixon

Who’s on first? Why, that’s Blake Butler. What’s on second? Why, that’s Blake Butler. You don’t know who’s on third? Of course, that’s Blake Butler. Maybe we’re not Abbott and Costello, but you get the point.

Butler — regularly an outfielder for the Class A-Advanced Daytona Tortugas, a Cincinnati Reds affiliate — was quite the busy baseball player during Sunday’s season finale.

Butler started the day at first base, but not before acting as the manager and exchanging the lineup cards.

Shortly thereafter, Butler moved a few feet to his right to man the keystone.

In the third, he went to the other side of second base to take on the challenging position of shortstop.

Naturally, Butler moved to third after that. But he wasn’t just taking up space at any of these positions. No, Butler was quite active in the field.

After an inning in left field (his natural position), Butler tried his hand in center.

He then went to right, leaving only the battery remaining.

Butler began his journey in the battery behind the plate, catching for the first time in a good, long, while.

Butler not only finished the game on the rubber, but actually picked up a save in the process.

It was certainly a busy day for the Cincinnati Reds farmhand.

In addition to playing all nine positions, Butler also drew a walk and scored a run, which stood as the game winner.

In present day baseball with bullpens getting more specialized, teams are carrying fewer position players. So, for many position players, versatility is key. Butler certainly showed on Sunday that he has that.

Between this and Bob Ross Night, we have to say one thing. Even in the promotion-filled world of Minor League Baseball, the Tortugas are a cut above.