Blake Bortles sought offseason help from Aaron Rodgers, Carson Palmer

By Michael Dixon

Blake Bortles had a tremendous season for the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2015. His charge now is to be even better in 2016. To do that, Bortles’ coaches suggested that he seek advice from more experienced NFL quarterbacks.

Bortles did just that — seeking out the council of Aaron Rodgers and Carson Palmer. According to the Jaguars signal caller, the two veterans did not disappoint.

“I bounced ideas off of them and asked them, ‘What would you do differently?’” Bortles said, via Ryan O’Halloran, “Aaron was awesome. One of the things he said was, ‘Don’t try and score 21 points every time you have the ball.’ That’s what I’ve had to learn. Carson was good. He’s laid back, and he’s an unbelievable quarterback and leader in the NFL. He said similar things. He said, ‘Just continue to build chemistry and rapport with the guys you’re with.’”

All three men involved should be commended.

Bortles should be commended for taking the advice of his coaches and talking to those who have been there before. Oftentimes, young, successful quarterbacks fail to walk the fine line between cocky and confident.

Rodgers and Palmer deserve praise for being willing to council the youngster. Those guys certainly don’t owe Bortles anything. While Bortles plays in a different conference than Rodgers and Palmer, both quarterbacks could be described as the competition.

Being willing to take some time to advise a young quarterback is a good — though not surprising — look for both guys.

Jags fans should be encouraged that Bortles realizes there are people who know more than him. They should also feel good that the quarterback is not afraid to seek those people out.

Additionally, both men gave Bortles great advice. Playing within your limits and building a strong relationship with teammates are important intangibles for quarterbacks. Improving on 2015 will not be easy. Still, if Bortles applies those lessons on the field, 2016 will be even better.